SOTD: Encre Noire pour homme by Lalique

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This green, earthy vetiver is electrified by wood and ambroxan. A refreshing alternative to sport scents everywhere, this bone dry, almost smoky yet still clean eau de toilette is a sleeper from the designer market. The bottle resembles that of an ink well, and is tasteful and subtle enough to grace your counter. Although it was a commercial flop, it has its cult following among perfume lovers, especially value minded ones. This one is a close relative of the glorious Sycomore by Chanel. Highly recommended.

First Love

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My first encounter with this 1974 gem by Jean Claude Ellena was in 2004. A close friend of mine was recommending skin care, and Sisley was his preferred weapon of choice. If you're familiar with the line, is prohibitively expensive and equally satisfying and luxurious to use. I scrap and scavenge to this day to treat myself to their products.

What really caught my nose though, besides their amazing naturally scented creams (see Global Anti Age, a concoction of lavender, geranium, marjoram, sage), was a small sample packet of Eau de Campagne shower gel. I tore it open, took it to the bath, and my life was changed.

I have never smelled anything so transportive; I literally felt like I was showering in the Secret Garden. Lush green aromas (fresh grass, tomato leaves), light citrus and a touch of jasmine for texture create this heavenly cloud of clean. I bought a bottle of the eau de toilette online and have never looked back. It's one of my few scents I buy back up bottles of (the other being Rive Gauche pour homme, more on that one later).

If you love green and fresh chypres, or you just need a little uplifting, this is a must try.